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Green Tea infused with Tesu flowers/ Palash flowers with splashes of rose petals, whiffs of aniseed, welcoming summer with its brilliant orange hue. With sweet after taste, the notes that play are of freshness and rejuvenation. Amalgamated with the richness of Green tea & flowers, the infusion is high in flavonoids and antioxidants and a perfect stress buster.

Sunshine Waltz


    Benefits Rejuvenate
    Water 200 ml
    Temperature 95 C
    Leaves 1 tsp - 2 gms
    Brewing Time 4 Minutes
    Aroma Floral, Spicy
    Appearance Golden Orange
    Taste Hints of honey, undernotes of fruit
    Time of day Morning
    Tea Pairing Mithai, Pannacotta, Cucumber Cheese Sandwich, Fish Fillet


  • Tesu flowers, Rose, Aniseed, Green Tea

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