Wooden Tea Potli Gift Box is from our exclusive gift box collection. Each gift box holds total 16 varieties of teas in handmade tea potlis. Each potli makes a pot of tea for 2 or two cups of Tea.


The potlis have full leaf tea, same as our loose leaf tea ensuring the same quality and experience.

Tea Lovers Gift Box

    • Green Tea
    • Green Tea, Himalayan Tulsi & Pomegranate flowers
    • Green Tea, Himalayan Tulsi & Rhododendron Flowers
    • Green Tea, Rose Petals & Mint
    • Green Tea, Rosehip & Chamomile
    • First Flush Orange Pekeo
    • English Breakfast
    • Earl Grey
    • First Flush, Lavender & Lemon Grass
    • Autumn Tea, Lemon balm & Rose petals
    • Pinewood Smoked
    • Rose Tea
    • Indian Bouquet
    • Emerald Spiced
    • Saat Ras Masala
    • Christmas Tea