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Our Teas

Estate Speciality

This collection of teas has made a spectacular journey from farm to cup and has quality as its companion. The teas as expertly made by our mentor who has an experience which has brought the finest teas to the table.The single estate Teas are carefully selected from across the Indian Tea Estates.


What you sip is what you feel. Tea has been considered to be a medicine since ancient times. The selection of Tea /Tisanes on our portfolio has no preservative, no oils, no artificial essence.Our wellness Teas help to recuperate, rejuvenate, realign and revive in the demanding modern times.

Black Tea

Black Teas are fully oxidised Tea leaves. The color in the cup ranges from coppery to bright yellow depending on the flavour profile. They aid as an antioxidant and boost body's metabolism.


Oolong (Wu-long) is a semi oxidised tea. This tea originates from China and is derives meaning from two words - "Black" "Dragon" in English. The two words describe the shape and the leaves. It is a beautifully well-rounded tea and is unique in taste, aroma and appearance. It is Smooth, nutty and at times robust or even floral.

Green Tea

Green Tea is a power pack of goodness. The Green Teas in our portfolio are pan roasted, hence leave a sweet after taste and are smooth. Green tea leaves are not oxidised


A bouquet of herbs, flowers, spices, fruits that lend their taste, aroma & appearance to create a magical cup. Tisane do not contain any camellia sinensis (Tea). Decaffeinated, they can be sipped any time of the day.

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