Matcha is fine powder tea that has the highest amount of antioxidants. It is also high in caffeine but the benefits outnumber the fact that is high in caffeine. It is primarily made from Tencha Green Tea. The tencha leaves are shade grown and then plucked, deveined and ground. The grinding is a long process as it has to reach the minuscule size of 5 to 10 microns ( there are 1000 microns in one millimeter).



    Benefits Energize
    Water 200 ml
    Temperature 85 C
    Leaves 1 tsp - 2 gms
    Brewing Time 1 - 2 Minutes
    Aroma Green
    Appearance Vibrant Green
    Taste Vegetal with hints of sweetness, umami
    Time of day Anytime
    Tea Pairing Breakfast, Salads