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Our Story

Our foundation dates to 1968 when our tea journey began in the hills of Darjeeling. Expertise and ability to produce the finest teas via knowledge from the grass root level has been the pillars of the 49 years, we have been in the global tea industry. 

In 2013, Anandini Himalaya Tea was born, bringing you inspiring blends from the foothills of Dhauladhar Mountains, Himachal Pradesh. 

Teas have been crafted using the delicate art of creating unique blends. Hence, bridging the gap between the source to cup. With strong emphasis on quality and purity, Anandini strives to engage you into a natural, sustainable, nourishing sensory journey through its exquisite teas.


Our Journey

The Singh family, Abhai Singh (Chairman) along with Anamika Singh and Kunal Singh (Founders) bring collectively over 80 years of experience in Tea. Anandini Himalaya Tea, today in their leadership has an innovation of teas to satisfy everyone’s tastes and requirements. Constantly inventing new blends to create varied bouquet of aroma and taste, the focus being to make healthy natural pure teas available to people globally.

Our Journey

Meet The Team

Abhai Kr Singh_edited_edited.jpg

Abhai Singh

Abhai Singh changed the way Darjeeling makes tea. While they formally made dark liquor teas, today more than 70% of Darjeeling, makes teas in Mr. Abhai Singh style, which is light liquor and where the attention is towards aroma and taste.

Anamika Singh_edited.jpg

Anamika Singh

Anamika is the master blender and creator of all blends at Anandini Himalaya Tea equipped with a vast knowledge that stems from learning the basics of manufacturing in the tea factory and excellent tea taster skills acquired via learning with the professional tea firm.

Kunal Singh_edited.jpg

Kunal Singh

Kunal has travelled the world and acquired a vast knowledge of the global tea culture, nurturing his roots in tea. Initiating the return of the Kangra Tea in the world tea market after 70 years of dormancy, today Kangra teas are available all across the globe known for its exquisite unique flavor.


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