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Some gifts are big. Other are small. But the ones that come from the heart are the best gifts of all. We present to you our gift collective  making it easy to share your happiness and good wishes with the world around you.


INR 2,800

Exclusive Tea Box

A handmade, rare and exclusive series of the finest teas from Anandini Himalaya Tea. An amalgamation of 6 corked glass tubes elegantly placed in a Italian paper box covered with butter paper inscrolled with gold filigree work.


INR 990

Tea Lovers Gift Box

Wooden Tea Potli Gift Box is from our exclusive gift box collection. Each gift box holds total 16 varieties of teas in handmade tea potlis. Each potli makes a pot of tea for 2 or two cups of Tea.


INR 4,095

All About Tea

Know of someone who you think would love to get started on the tea experience? This is a perfect gift to get someone initiated into good quality teas.


INR 1,680

Artisinal Tea Set

This is a gift set with Three Artisinal Teas that give you a wholistic sensory journey. Teas come with a spoon infuser.


INR 840

Celebration Gift Set

Carefully chosen, each box has five tea potlis/pods of different varieties of Tea. Each potli makes a pot of tea for 2 or two cups of Tea. To experience the wide range of teas that are there in the collection, it has been divided into three boxes, each having different varieties.


INR 3,780

Oriental Gift Set

The gift set comprises of One Premium Can of Jasmine Pearls or Matcha - (Teas that are directly imported from our partner in Japan, Mei Province) along with a handmade Bamboo Matcha spoon. With Gaiwan teacups (2) made of Glass with a lid and one tea timer to make the perfect brew.


INR 1,200

Exclusive Tea Potli Box

An exclusive gift box which has 10 varieties of our popular Teas, presented in potlis / pods. Each potli makes a pot of tea for 2.


INR 990

Tea & Infuser Gift Set

Handmade Tea can with Infuser set. The special gift box is handmade by the Tibetan relief community in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh.

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