The delicate, flaming red, tangy Rhododendron flowers from the lofty Himalayas mingle gently with the earthy Himalayan Tulsi. They along with the Green Tea create the happiness quotient that helps you sail through the day. The infusion has a honey note, which is refreshing and mild. The collage lingers on the palate, a subtle hint of sweetness and a back note being deliciously tangy.

Green Tea, Rhododendron, Himalayan Tulsi


    Benefits Focus
    Water 200 ml
    Temperature 95 C
    Leaves 1 tsp - 2 gms
    Brewing Time 4 Minutes
    Aroma Flowers of the Forest, Earthy, Petrichor
    Appearance Soft Green
    Taste Honey with floral undertone.
    Time of day Through the day
    Tea Pairing Toasties, Apricots, Dates