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Its when the cool mint holds hand with fragrant Rose Petals while wading through refreshing mild green tea infusion the perfect cup is created. After the day has come to an end relax, take a deep breath, and make yourself a warm mug of tranquility. The infusion has a mild floral note, refreshing and mild. The ensemble lingers on the palate, with a subtle hint of sweetness.

Green Tea Rosepetal Mint


    Benefits Digestive
    Water 200 ml
    Temperature 95 C
    Leaves 1 tsp - 2 gms
    Brewing Time 4 Minutes
    Aroma Refreshing, Floral
    Appearance Soft Green
    Taste Refreshing, sweet aftertaste
    Time of day After Meals
    Tea Pairing Middle Eastern Cuisine, Chicken Quorma, Dark Chocolate


  • Green Tea, Rose petal, Mint

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