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This is a gift set with Three Artisanal Teas that give you a wholistic sensory journey. Teas come with a spoon infuser. You may choose any three teas from the below to customise your Artisanal Tea set. 


  • First Flush Lavender lemongrass
  • Green Tea Chamomile Rosehip
  • Green Tea Rose Petal Mint
  • Emerald Spiced
  • Indian Bouquet
  • Saat Ras Masala
  • Leela
  • Fairytale Tea

Artisanal Tea Set

    • 3 Artisanal Tea cans of 25gm tea each
    • 1 Spoon Infuser
    • Gift box - Made from Handmade paper at the Tibetan Paper Unit it Dharamshala. A purchase directly effects the Tibetan mission for refugees.

Recommended Teas