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Why does Tea taste bad?

Have you ever sipped Tea that has been infused, brewed at a Tea shop or by a Tea sommelier that tasted perfect but the moment you tried infusing the same Tea at home, it somehow just does not taste as good?

You buy the Tea with excitement! You look forward to sharing it with your family and friends or just sipping it by yourself and it just tastes so flat!

We have got you covered since the reasons could be a few!

To begin with, the proportion of the Tea and water could be different from what it should be.

Secondly, The water that should have been heated, has actually been boiled! Hmmm now that sounds complicated, doesn't it! Here is the link to know more about water and its relevance to Tea.

The third possibility could be that the water itself has been re-heated or the PH balance of the water is not what it is supposed to be. You could be brewing the Tea in hard water that has high traces of calcium, magnesium and the water tastes slightly salty. If you haven't brewed tea for the optimum time shared by the brand, or as per the instructions, that too messes up a perfectly good cup of Tea.

Lastly, incase you haven't stored your Tea well, that could ruin an entire lot! Check the link to know how to store your Tea.

Do keep in mind, Tea is a beverage that requires patience and precision. And if the two are kept in mind every single time you infuse your favorite cup of Tea, you will get a perfect cup, every single time.

Happy sipping Tea lovers

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