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Know your Ingredients - Cornflower

Corn Flower Leaves
Corn Flower Leaves

One of my favourite flowers is Cornflower. The color blue of this particular flower is a brilliant, happy one! I have loved blending this shade in the Tea infusions that I create. There was a time years ago that in order to make tea blends, the flowers were available in a very limited quantity. Nowadays, thankfully they bloom in abundance in every sense of the word.

Centraurea cyanus commonly known as cornflower or bachelor’s button or sometimes " Blue Bonnet" is an annual flowering plant in the family of Asteraceae native to Europe. How fascinating it is that cornflower has been used as a symbol of tenderness, of fidelity and of reliability. Cornflower was once a common weed of cornfields; as a result of modern agricultural practices it is now very rare in the wild. It is generally found especially on porous, nutrient-rich soils. I recently got to know a fun fact that it has been used in traditional herbal medicines for various purposes.

Moon Tisane Anandini Himalaya Tea
Moon Tisane Anandini Himalaya Tea

Now if we were to look at the health benefits of the flower, it has anti-inflammatory properties that helps in reducing inflammation and symptoms related to arthritis, muscle pain and skin irritations. The flower has antioxidants that help to neutralize harmful free radicals in the body which may contribute to reducing oxidative stress and protecting cells from damage. This calming blue cornflower is used as a relaxant as well and helps to promote sleep and reduce anxiety.

One of this flower’s well known uses is as a treatment for eye irritation and infection due to its antibacterial properties. All one has to do is to prepare a concoction by adding cornflower to water and washing the infected eyes. The other benefit is that it also improves digestion and helps to regulate kidney function.

There are a couple of beautiful blends in the collection of Anandini Himalaya Tea that have this wondrous flower Fairytale Tea . Each has names that are close to my heart. Dusk in the Woods and Moon. Moon Tisane

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